Bewitched Goldens
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Performance homes are primarily sought for this litter.  These pups will be field, obedience and agility prospects!  

Breeder of Fine Golden Retrievers for home and hunt.

At Bewitched Goldens, we have trained, hunted, hunt-tested, obedience- and rally-trialed golden retrievers since 1994.  We have titled our dogs through Master Hunter (AKC), Master Hunting Retriever (NAHRA), CDX (AKC and CKC) and RN.  Our pups have also earned advanced hunting, obedience and agility titles, and, of course, excel in the field.  Our dogs, members of the family, are our companions when not working.  You won't be lonely when you live with a golden retriever!

At Bewitched Goldens we believe we have superior dogs because we:

  • obtain hip, elbow, heart, thyroid and eye clearances through OFA (and CERF)
  • test for ichthyosis, prcd-PRA, PRA1 through Optigen
  • temperament test our pups
  • avoid breeding dogs with allergies
  • socialize our pups 
  • introduce pups to birds
  • guarantee health for 28 months
  • as DVMs, offer veterinary, nutritional, and behavioral advice
  • breed only occasionally
  • sell all pups with the promise to give them a home if you cannot keep them for any reason at any time

 Remember, owning a dog is a 10-15 year commitment and each dog requires at least basic training, vet care and human companionship.

E-mail us if interested in golden retriever pups or if you have any questions about goldens!!

Joel and MHR Jasmine of Bewitched MH Am/Can CDX


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