Bewitched Goldens
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Our dogs

Our dogs are a labor of love.  All of our dogs have been 100% amateur trained and handled!

Rockerin Bewitched Annie Oke Our old matriarch, Annie is currently 14 years old and liking the good old house life although she can still run with the youngsters if she wants to.  Annie is mostly retired but still likes to go out pheasant hunting now and then.

Bewitched Thistle Rocks Moosehead MH  Currently our only male golden, Moose has an AKC Master title.  Moose hunts geese, ducks, and pheasants. In fact he loves to lay in layout blinds right along side of Joel and wait for the birds to arrive!

Lacrosse's Bewitched Bella RN SH is out of Stanley Steamer, one of the most decorated field goldens in history.  She has incredible natural marking ability and a fabulous nose and drive that won't stop.  Bella is ready to running master tests this summer. She currently has 2 passes. She is an excellent pheasant and grouse dog.

Bewitched Thistlerock Rosie's Ramblin Red JH
is the fasted dog in the fleet. She has her junior hunt title will continue toward her senior title.  She has a fabulous nose and can trail ducks with the best of them.

Bewitched Summit Hills Brewery The Love is our youngest dog out of Rosie's litter and RV Atr's Gangstaman MH*** aka Clyde. She has just been through trained retrieve and collar conditioning and will start running test this next summer.

At the Rainbow Bridge....
SR Tabitha Taffy of Bewitched JH Am/Can CDX RN  My wife's first and most beloved dog.  Was a great obedience and field dog, especially on pheasants.  Taffy loved field work and did obedience because Mom loved it so she did too. She lived to be 14 plus years of age

SR Jasmine of Bewitched CDX MH    Our first real field dog, she did it all from obedience to field despite the failings of her handler.  I was able to get a master hunt title on her despite my inexperience.  Jasmine was an incredible hunting dog in every field.  The best nose of any dog that I have every seen.  She lived to be 14 years old as well.

SR Bewitched McGolden Draft JH CD
  Jasmine's first born, one of the best pheasant dogs I have ever owned except for maybe his mother. He was an excellent handling dog as well and  He passed away at 14 years of age.

HRCH Taz of Red Oak MH
  When we picked up Paula, Taz' owner was having health issues so he sold her to us.   She was my second excellent hunt test and field dog. Taz could see geese coming from 5 miles away!.  I never had to look for geese when she was with because she always told me where they were before I could see them. Her favorite thing to do in the house was to eat Irish Spring. She lived to be 15 years of age.

Bewitched St Paulies Girl
  Taz's pup, Paula was a great obedience dog and produced many good dogs for us.  She had the ultimate temperament for a golden retriever.  She died too young at 10 due to an unfortunate accident.
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